Welcome to emmadevlin.com

This is the domain of someone currently too busy to do anything with it  but too stubborn to give up the web real estate she had the foresight to  purchase years ago.  

She is a Risk Manager specializing in Workers' Compensation.
She is a Leathercrafter producing cases, handbags and accessories primarily with vegetable tanned cowhide.
She is a Metalsmith working mostly in Argentium silver.
She is a Freelance Writer who has written for many publications and websites no longer in existence.
She is an Arbitrator who once specialized in lemon law automotive cases.
She is a Consumer Advocate protecting consumers from unscrupulous business people.
She is a Credit Counselor helping people out of hot water and on to financial freedom.
She is a Bartender once known for making the best damn Old Fashioned at The Country Club.
She is a Seamstress, making and altering clothing, re-upholstering furniture and creating custom window dressings.
She is a Confectioner crafting handmade truffles, caramels, toffees and candied nuts.
She is an Artist who hand felts tiny sculptures of animals and mythical beasts.
She is a General Contractor who hangs and repairs drywall, does interior and exterior painting and performs minor repairs.
She is a slightly-better-than-elementary Woodworker and intermediate Antiques Restorer.
She regrets she is an out-of-practice Calligrapher.
She is a Sketcher and a Painter who has been known to come up with an occasional original logo.  

She is a collector of skills and knowledge. 

If I can be of service to you

please contact me at devlin at emma devlin dot com